Sep 7, 2007

Another Lifetime Commitment.

'John Wilkinson a fan of my 'Tribal Tattoo' artwork.'

Once again someone stumbled across my tribal tattoo art and decided to make a life time commitment to it. The most recent person to have my art applied to their body is a gentleman by the name of John Wilkinson. He took my art and had a tattoo artist replicate it on his calf. The artist obviously took some liberty with it. This is now the fourth time (that I am aware of) that someone has used my artwork to get tattooed onto their body permanently.

'My Original Tribal Tattoo Art.'

I am always flattered in a wierd kind of way but then there is another part of me that thinks "Hey that is technically copyright infringement. They didn't ask permission nor did they pay me a usage fee." Makes me wonder if an artist like myself could sue someone for using my art without permission and win a case where they'd have to have it surgically removed? Of course I'd never do that myself but I can't help but wonder.

In any regard, John enjoy the art and thanks for sharing the picture. As for me and my torso I prefer a blank canvas. I just can't make that type of artistic commitment.

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harriett said...

This has got to be the ultimate compliment of your work - I'd consider it an honor that someone wants to see your work all the time, permanently. Good job!

minxlj said...

Along with most copyright law, there are a lot of grey areas. However, British copyright law was changed in 2003 - commercial copying, which is defined as “... a broader term than 'profit-making'. 'Commercial' is in practice synonymous with 'direct or indirect income-generating'.” If a tattoo artist takes your design, falsely passes it off as his own and makes money from it, then you could sue him. But if someone takes your design to an artist and gets it done in homage, I guess that would be difficult.

Personally, if I ever wanted to get anything of someone else's copyright (so far all my tattoos have been my own design) I would ask for permission. I have come across some artists like Japanese calligrapher Eri Takase who sell some of their work specifically for tattooing, which is excellent!

Vonster said...

Sounds like a lot of legal psycho-babble. Bottom line did the person using the design create it. If not then they cannot use it without permission or paying.

DJ Todd said...

I decided not to get the tribal face :/ but maybe some time in my life. but thank you for your permission!
- d Todd

Miguelito said...

If you put this on a T-sirt, and you sold that t-shirt, you are showing your work to a lot of people. If you Register that drawing as your art work, you obviosuly could sue anyone not paying you to use it. But if you just draw it and show it to the world, it's like you are giving your art-piece away.
Consider it a gift from you, to them.