Aug 24, 2007

NBA Embroidery Patches

'Hall of Fame Patches'

I remember shooting hoops in our drive way growing up re-creating the shots of Larry Bird and the creative boogie of Dr. J. When my Dad and I installed a hoop on our house I asked my Dad to mount it at 8' 6". He did so to help me grow into the 10' height, but you know what we never did raise it. The neighborhood kids loved having games at our house because we could all dunk it. ;-)

Ok, enough fond memories, back to my post...Upper Deck Company contacted me again to create a set of NBA Licensed embroidery patch designs.

So far I've created embroidery patch designs for Major League Baseball, National Football League and now the National Basketball Association. Over all I've designed nearly 300 patches across all three sports. (Hockey is now on the horizon too so that'll be all kinds of high stick creative fun in it's own right)

'Other garden variety patches I created'

As stated in previous posts in regards to patches, their size is not large at about 1.5x1.5 inches so the level of detail has to be kept somewhat simplified but still visually interesting and fun. Embroidery technology however can hold pretty good detail but to play it safe it's best to avoid gradients so I keep my colors flat and designs simplified.

'Basketball founder James Naismith'

The history of basketball is a fun read.
- Basketball History Link 1
- Basketball History Link 2
- Basketball History Link 3

If you'd like to see the set of NFL Licensed embroidery patches I designed previously just click here.


Andy said...

Dude... these are SuperSweet, and that's from a English kid that doesn't know the first thing about basketball!

Shawn Escott said...

Very clean and bold designs Von! Great stuff man!