Aug 11, 2007

Designer "Kick Me" Sheet

'Designer "Kick Me" Sheet.'

It's easy, humorous and non-lethal. Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions on this FREE downloadable designer "Kick Me" sheet and you'll be mocking fellow creative types in no time.

Whether it's a fellow Designer, a stuffy Art Director or a garden variety Marketing Weasel, you'll need to utilize your stealthy ninja-like skills in order to successfully place the sign on your target's back and pull off this creative Special Ops. Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

'John Nissen male model.'

My long time design buddy John Nissen helped me pull this off. I call him up and he agrees to model for me. He's also a big ham in front of the camera which helps too. :-) John's also responsible for all the music for my podcast so he's multi-talented. Thanks John!

So download the sheet and have some fun.

Download Designer "Kick Me" Sheet


john skewes said...

I'd buy a "I [heart] Comic Sans" T-shirt.

design623 said...

no love for Papyrus?

seriously funny stuff.

Ellie said...

Hey's me Julie Collinge! I love your Designer "Kick Me" Sheet. Brings back memories of trouting at Sun.

check out my blog at: I need your texture book. If I order one from your site will you sign it for me?


Vonster said...

Ah yes 'Papyrus'. I'll use that on a second sheet.

Maybe something like "Serious designers use Papyrus!" LOL

Another idea I have is for a definition type design.


An extension of the clients arm : After whoring some concepts the designer submitted them to the board for approval.