Jul 25, 2007

Role Playing Game Icons

'Huntik Icons'

The summer right before 7th grade was my first introduction to a role playing game. I remember being introduced to Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). I really liked what was called the 'Monster Manual' and I enjoyed just reading about all the strange creatures and of course the art was pretty cool too.

I'd stay after school and play D&D with a small group of gamers. I wasn't your typical dork though, I was just friends with a few. ;-) I think I had more fun sketching out my characters then actually playing the game?

Because I was artistic, my friends would pay me to paint all their lead figures for the game. It funded my MAD magazine purchases and baseball card addiction at the time and made me realize I could use my art ability to make money so I guess in a certain way you could consider it my first commercial work.

The icons shown in this post are part of a group I developed for Upper Deck Company for a game called 'Huntik'. I have no idea what the game is all about? They provided me with rough concept sketches of characters and asked me to design an avatar icon for each. They'll be used as part of the overall game branding.

Fantasy art has never really appealed to me but this project turned out to be a fun creative respite and I like how they came out.


RobSchwager said...

Alright... that's it.

You're designing me a tattoo.

JoAnna said...

That's the first thing i thought of when i saw those graphics, too, robschwager. OOH, those would make GREAT tattoos!

Lhikan634 the Seeker said...

Ah, Dierdre, Pan, Janus Knight , Salamandrake, Wolf Knight, Wormwalker, Peque, Derenzar , Enfluxion, Metzi, and Hydramaskar… Very nice, my good sir! Though… that last one, to the left of Metzi… I don't recognize that icon myself, but it looks like it belongs to the unnamed Titan that appeared in SAS_108, Decoding. Does it have a name?