Jul 5, 2007

FREE iPhone Wallpaper

'A poster I created for Adobe. (The non-edited german helmet version)'

My iPhone is showing up any day now. In preparation I have taken some of my favorite pieces of art over the last year or so and have created a set of wallpaper images for my iPhone. For those of you who have or are going to get an iPhone I have provided a link below so you can download the images as well.

'My Temporal Infestation Illo. iPhonized'

As time goes on I'll create completely original designs specifically targeted for the iPhone. So keep your eyes peeled.

'Tribal Texture'

Some of the wallpapers like the one above come in a variety of flavors.

'Alien Biker.'

Get the entire '25' image set here: Download Vonster Brand iPhone Wallpaper


Jorge A. Morales said...

Way to think ahead of the curve!

I really liked your last podcast. The conversations and points talked are in-depth and that is a relief from all the "Basic, Introductorial"...stuff you hear everywhere else.

Jorge Morales

Touching The River said...

On July 6 you were tagged... by me... as one of 8 blog personalities I would like to know more about... If you choose to accept this mission, simply post a list of 8 random facts about yourself... and invite 8 more awesome bloggers to do the same...

Shawn Escott said...

Nice! Great way to showcase your art! :) I also enjoyed your latest podcast. Lots of interesting information.

AaaDee !! said...

You are truely artistic..! Very nice posters..!

MergeMedia Network said...


I love your iPhone wallpapers! You've inspired me to make some of my own, which I've posted on my brand new website.

iPhone Wallpapers - All Original Wallpapers.


Dulz said...

Very nice wallpapers... I have posted to freemobilecontents.com

Anonymous said...

Great stuff wish I could give up my good looks for that kind of talent. 8) Thanks for sharing