Jun 23, 2007

Georgia on my mind.

'Fellow art buddies Rob McClurkan, Tom Cox and Scott Thigpen'

I just got back from the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta Georgia. It was a lot of fun and I had a blast doing the book signing for my texture book. But the best part about attending these types of events is getting to meet up with friends.

I got to do just that and was able to hang with fellow creatives Rob McClurkan, , Tom Cox, and Scott Thigpen.

I grew up in the Pacific NW where we say "You guys." But here in the south it's properly pronounced "Ya'll." All three of these guys live in or around Atlanta and were nice enough to show this yankee around town.

'A hole in the wall cafe called Carver's.'

One day we were all trying to figure out where to eat for lunch. Tom suggested a place called 'Carver's'. He said it was a little run down but the food was incredible. Tom use to work as a designer for Coca Cola and someone had introduced him to this cafe years ago. So we jumped into his car and took off.

When we pulled up to the place I have to admit I felt like I was about to become part of a cops episode. The location was well off the beaten path but Tom insisted it was worth it. Seeing all the cars parked on the side of the road around this place should have given me a clue as to what I'd find once inside.

'If you cook it they will come.'

We walked through the doors and the place was packed. I couldn't believe how many people were in this small dining area. Apparently the wife of the owner wakes up at 4am every morning and starts cooking. You never know what the menu will have or if they'll be open they just kind of wing it but that doesn't hurt their business because this food is good old fashioned southern cookin'. Tom was right, it was incredible food and the environment just added to the overall experience. Very cool, something you'd never find without local intel.

'Side order of texture at Carver's.'

I never know when I am going to be inspired and sometimes the source can be mundane or just unexpected. When I sat down to eat I noticed the old linoleum floor of this cafe. You could see the worn layers from many years of use and what most people would have just ignored or cringed at, I thought would make a great texture to use in design or illustration. So of course I bent down and took a few pictures of the floor.

Doing this tends to cause others to look at you like your weird but I don't think any of the other guys gave it a second though? It makes sense for an artist and you've got to admit it does look cool.

'Refining the image for it's final digital form.'

I guess I call this bent in my nature 'Creative Curiosity'. I love textures and this was a perfect example of life inspiring art. You never know where you'll find them but if you're prepared you can capture and use them in your own projects. Actually that is what my texture book is all about.

FREE Southern Texture
I've created a special set of '5' textures all derived from my travels in Georgia the past few weeks. You can download the entire set using the link below. The following is a brief description on each texture included in the download. For more technical information regarding the size and resolution of this 'Southern Texture' set just visit www.texturebook.com. They have been created using the exact same specs as those offered with the book.

1. Antebellum Thrash: Taken from painted wood siding on an old antebellum home in Savannah.
2. Carvers Floor: Taken from the floor of 'Carvers' cafe in Atlanta.
3. Paula Deen1: Taken from a support beam outside 'Lady and Sons' Restaurant in Savannah.
4. Paula Deen2: Taken from the floor inside 'Lady and Sons' Restaurant in Savannah.
5. Pirates Port: Taken from Savannah waterfront where Pirates use to tread.



Marissa said...

Thanks Von for some more wonderful textures.

I only explored the northern end of Georgia through the Tennesse area on my way home from the HOW conference and it was a fine ride! Going to Savannah and the likes sounds like a great time.

It was great to meet you and get my book signed. I just love everything about the book.

SriBEUbeu said...

thanks for the textures, you must be a cousin of santa claus.
If I have the chance to find your book in Paris (France), I sur would buy it

stefanmumaw said...

Von is cool! Thanks for the lunch and the brainstorming, Von. It was a pleasure to hang in Atlanta, and here's to the hopeful start of something really fun!