May 11, 2007

BMX Bike Graphics

'Winged Skull Bike Graphic'

I've always enjoyed designing for the action sports industry. So when Dave Mirra's company contacted me to create a few bike graphics for them I was honored. Dave Mirra is to BMX what Tony Hawk is to Skate. That and I'll use any excuse to draw a skull and with wings no less. After all it is one of the 'Top Ten Favorite Themes.' for illustrators.

'Skulls-O-Plenty. I'll be using the other three in my second design.'

Why are skulls so much fun to illustrate? Why do they look so cool with wings, flames and crowns? Of all the things an artist can draw or create the skull is somewhat iconic, simple shapes and form that captures and relays complex ideas and subject matter in a very graphic way. Is it a representation of death? Or is it a visual contradiction to live a bold and full life in the face of death? After all the death rate is still one per person.

'Skull Art In Context'

I have to create another design using three other skulls for them and I'll post that art soon as well.

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Thats a nice chest!!