Apr 7, 2007

The Bat is Back...Again.

'Ruben Salavert, another fan of my 'Tribal Tattoo' artwork.'

Almost a year ago today I was contacted by an ad agency guy from Florida who had seen some of my 'Tribal Tattoo' artwork on my web site and wanted me to illustrate a custom one for him to have done. You can read my original post about this here.

Well out of the blue I get an email with the picture shown above in it. Ruben finally got the tattoo done and was nice enough to share it with me.

'My Original Artwork.'

It still amazes me that some people will make a lifetime commitment to my art like this. There are now two guys walking around with my art permanently applied to their back. Ruben Salavert and Claude Montreal both far more daring them me.

I'll admit it's a little weird and yet flattering at the same time.

FYI: For information about my stock tribal designs or to have me create a custom tribal design for you visit VonsterTattoos.com.


denisa said...

great tattoo man, from one committed fan to another, amazing art work as usual.


toovote! said...

Nice tattoo !!! Do you dare to post it on toovote.com ???

Anonymous said...

ey yo i got this tattoo a while ago too check it out www.myspace.com/cweiss92

Anonymous said...

gorgeous design!

Regina Calton Burchett said...

Really an amazing design! Bring it to Austin - we love bats here!

powder88 said...

tattoo is kinda crooked, plus its from a computer game called the sims .. LMFAO

Vonster said...

Sorry Powder88 your just flat out wrong!

Sims ripped me off and used it in their game without my permission. You can see more about that here: http://artbackwash.blogspot.com/2009/02/please-ask-permission.html

And if you want to see how I created the original art you can see that here: http://illustrationclass.com/2006/07/15/symmetric-illustration/