Mar 28, 2007

Podcast Graphics

'The Loud Room'

Over the past several years podcasting has grown. Some are like radio broadcasts but I like to think of them as audio magazines. And like magazines there is a podcast for nearly any type of theme or professional. One thing I noticed with several podcasts I enjoyed early on is they had terrible graphics. The information and audio broadcasts were fine but the show graphics looked at best amatuerish in nature. So I set out to remedy my favorite shows images and in the process have become friends with several well known podcasters.

Steve Stanger host of 'The Mac Attack Podcast' asked me if I'd design another graphic for his new music podcast he's producing that will showcase podsafe music and Creative Commons licensed hard rock and metal etc. called 'The LOUD Room'.

Sometimes my mind needs to brew on a project an other times something just clicks and I have an idea immediately and know exactly what I want to do. This is what happened with this project, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. What helped is I had an old illustration I did for the fun of it and adapted that into the graphic you see. Steve loved it.

BTW I run my own podcast called '' where I interview illustrators and designers. You can subscribe to it via iTunes by clicking here.


woody said...

Speaking of podcasts, when is your next one coming out? I'm looking forward to it, and especially if it's Bob Staake!

Peter O'Connell said...


Excellent design. Really well done.

Best always,