Mar 31, 2007

Create or Die!

'Latin for: Create or Die'

In June I'll be attending the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta. While there I'll also be doing a book signing for my soon to be published 'Crumble. Crackle. Burn'. I wanted to have a cool freebie give away I could hand out to those who purchase my book so I created this sticker design.

Creative types tend to be very passionate about creating, so I wanted to tap into that core commonality in all of us and design a sticker that most if not all would like. And since this design was geared for my fellow artist I knew I should work into my art a common theme most creative types love to work with. That being a 'skull' and 'flames'.

After asking about '60' designers what they'd like to see as a message I setted on 'Create or Die'. But it didn't fit the banner too well so I decided to translate it into Latin instead. I liked this a lot more because it makes people ask what it means. More interactive that way.

'Stickers Galore'

If you'd like one of these stickers for FREE just mail me a self addressed stamped envelope to: (5x7 Envelopes Preferred)

Gimme a Sticker!
Glitschka Studios
1976 Fitzpatrick Ave SE
Salem, OR 97306


RobSchwager said...

...and that's why you're one of the smartest guys around.

Latin, whowouldathunk it?

dorkdesign said...

I don't just wana sticker. I wana t-shirt. Shall I send a larger enbelope? :p