Mar 15, 2007

7 Hour Project.

'Bow the Knee - Easter Production Logo'

Not all my projects afford me the time I'd like to create them. Such is the case with this project. I was given all the information about four days before it was due but the problem is I couldn't get to it until the day before it was due. Sometimes things work out this way and you just have to roll with the punches and do the best you can with the time you can.

'Pixelated Steroids in Action'

I knew I needed good reference so I convinced a friend of mine who goes to our Church to dress up in the Roman costumes they are using in the production so I could take some reference pictures to draw from. Thankfully he agreed. As you can see in the animated gif above I digitally enhanced Scott via pixelated steroids and that gave me the beefcake soldier I was after.

You'll also notice I grafted in a stronger looking hand as well.

From beginning to end I spent around 7 hours total working on this. Eventually I'll post a tutorial on how I went about creating the art and post it at

The production 'Bow the Knee' is based on Matthew 8:5-13 where a Roman Centurion brings his sick servant before Jesus to be healed.


Shawn Escott said...

Another beautiful piece! Sounds like a cool production. Thanks for sharing your process!

joe said...

Nice artwork! As always you rock! So can I ask: what church do you go to?

Vonster said...

It's a non-denominational Church.

No, I didn't design the logo.