Feb 28, 2007

A Lifetime Commitment.

'Claude Montreal a fan of my 'Tribal Tattoo' artwork.'

My artwork via my web sites is seen by a lot of people. Some of which have nothing to do with graphic design or illustration. Such is the case in regards to this post. Apparently a gentleman from Canada by the name of 'Claude' stumbled up my 'Tribal Tattoo' artwork (See Below) while surfing the net and then while in Cancun visited a tattoo shop called 'Second Skin' where an artist by the name of 'Ray' reproduced my artwork on to his back. This is only the third time (that I am aware of) that someone has used my artwork to get tattooed onto their body permanently.

'Tribal Tattoo face.'

Like I said in a recent post, I am a weenie when it comes to tattooing. I don't have any and if I did decide to get one it would be a temporary one at that. I could never commit to my own art, I get sick of it too fast. I am glad Claude likes my art and I wish him the best with his life time commitment to my art on his back, he's far more daring then I am.

FYI: For information about my stock tribal designs or to have me create a custom tribal design for you visit VonsterTattoos.com.


Ray Frenden said...

I've had this occur more than a few times. The subsequent interest generated by the flash-art style posts on my blog has made me think of compiling a book of flash to sell to tattoo shops. It's apparently rather lucrative.

etherbrian said...

I can't think of any higher praise of one's artwork than for it to be placed permanently on someone's skin. Voluntarily placed there, of course! Great work as always! Claude will now carry a bit of the Vonster with him all the way to the grave.

RobSchwager said...

I'd do it.