Feb 2, 2007

Last Daze - Propaganda III Poster

'Last Daze - Start Soma Propaganda III Poster'

Recently I was invited to submit a poster design for the 'Start Soma Propaganda III Art Show.' I haven't done a lot of politically motivated art before. Don't get me wrong I have strong convictions, I just haven't had much of an opportunity to create for that type of theme. So when this invite was offered up I decided to participate.

One thing about propaganda art is that it seemingly never celebrates that which is good. As far as I can tell (and I may be wrong in this assumption) all the art done under the umbrella of propaganda tends to be highlighting the negative in regards to politics, social issues and the like.

Personally I view the world and our role in it from a bigger point of view, I try to understand how various aspects of different subjects relate and facilitate each other and from that type of observation I tend to draw conclusions that some may label as conspiracy. That's fine, its a fun topic to design for so I just decided to put together a garden variety poster that reflected a broad range of subjects I've been thinking of lately and weave them together in a compelling way.

- The Love of Money / Greed
- Power from Wealth
- Military Industrial Complex
- Microsoft Windoze Global Infestation
- Wars and Rumors of War
- Pop Culture
- Pornography
- Big Pharma
- Invasion of Privacy
- Driven by Consumerism
- Entertainment Mindset
- Drug Abuse
- Nuclear Threat
- Mark of the Beast
- Death & Destruction

If you'd like to download a pdf to print out a copy of this for yourself just click here to download.


Patricia said...

I like how you integrated everything. It's political but not so 'in your face' kind of way. Interesting. I didn't notice the background texture until I downloaded it. Nice final touch.

pSit said...

Great work. We'd like to post a review about your blog. Can we use this image in our post?
Thanx in advance

Vonster said...

Yes feel free to use any of the art on my blog in your review. Thanks.

unlikelymoose said...

i am captivated by the animated gif. zoom in. zoom out. zoom in. zoom out. must obey poster. must obey poster.