Feb 19, 2007

Dithered Shading

'247 - Breaking Out a New Style'

I had a magazine assignment come in that was a super quick turnaround. The theme they wanted for this spot illustration was pretty generic too so I decided to handle my detailing with shading and using a dithered method. I was surprised how much fun it was so I've decided to try this again on another upcoming assignment.

'Dithered Tiff Image used for shading.'

All the shading in this art was done using three different sized dither tiffs like the one shown above. I just colored them and masked them into place. I purposely kept my art simplified using basic shapes since the deadline was so tight. This along with shading using the dither made the project go much faster.

I'll have a tutorial on this method of shading posted at 'IllustrationClass.com' soon.

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