Jan 27, 2007

Weenies Don't Get Tattoos.

'Skull Tattoo Art'

A few months ago I participated in a collaborative art zine called 'I Want Your Skull!' The developer of that project has decided to do a second installment called 'I Want Your Skull 2' and I created this art for my contribution. The zine is in glorious black and white which I've created a version for that publication, but for this post I had fun with some color.

'Color Explorations'

Skulls remember are number '4' on my 'Top Ten Favorite Themes' list from a previous post I made, so as always it was a no-brainer topic to have fun with.

I like creating art I can use for multiple purposes so this dove tailed perfect with the digital illustration class I teach. This past week I assigned a 'Tattoo Illustration' to my students so I documented my process on this project and will share that with them and post the tutorial at www.IllustrationClass.com

'In Context Mockup'

People have asked me why I don't get a tattoo myself. Well I am kind of a weenie and don't like pain for one thing. Another reason is I can't commit to the art for a lifetime. I'd get sick of it after a month and then regret permanently applying it to my body for the rest of my life. Temporary tattoo's however have come along way and I might give that a try. But then I'd feel like a total poser so I may just stick with drawing them and call it good. ;-P

FYI: For information about my stock tribal designs or to have me create a custom tribal design for you visit VonsterTattoos.com.


Anonymous said...

I used to think the same thing, until I actually got a couple. For one, it only hurts for like a minute and after a while it's more like an annoying bug bite that you want to smack.

The thing about getting the tattoos is that I realized that I don't really look at all of my body all of the time. For instance... when is the last time you looked at the back of your knee? You'd be surprised how easily it is to forget that you've committed to a permanent piece of art.

Anonymous said...

I spent long hours in a tatto's office (can I call it like that?) trying to find something I like to put on me for the rest of my life without success. After that, I decided to design my own tattoo... but, I'm still looking for it :s

I like ur Illustration Class a lot... it's very inspirational :)

Jeff G said...

Great graphic - if I was a Coney Island carie, this'd be the 1st tat I'd get.

trophiogrande said...

Yeah, tattoos are more annoying than painful. If you want one I recommend getting the first one done on a meaty part of the body (the soulders for example).

Anyhoo, great peice of tattoo flash, I would love to see you do a whole sheet.

Anonymous said...

I like it a lot.

RobSchwager said...

See, I LOVE the feeling of getting inked. The one on my chest hurt the worst soo far, but heck, i can think of a few things i've done in my life that were much more painful, so it's all relative.

I've been seriously contemplting getting your one Christ head design as a piece. I love it.

rodrigo said...

thats killer man!!!