Jan 1, 2007

Partum Professio = Create Art

'Insolitus' Collage Illustrative Design - Click to View Larger Image.

Since doing my Swat design I've wanted to experiment more with this whole collage method for design. Actually a better description for this whole style is 'Compost Modernism'. (Thank you Scott Hull for that name.)

When I started brainstorming an idea this image instantly formed in my mind. The process was all about experimenting. I'd try something and it didn't work well so I'd try something else. Originally I had a gas mask instead of a skull and it looked cool but like I've said before a skull is one of the top ten themes artists like so I had to go that route.

I decided to work text into this but didn't want it to distract from the overall feel so I used a dead language, Latin. This allows me to get nice type all the while making it more of a graphic element then informational. That said they do translate to what I was after.

Detail of Design.

It's hard to appreciate the subtle textures and overlapping that makes this style appealing so this image shows a more detailed shot of how the images relate. I designed this as a t-shirt design so it needed to be silk screenable.


RobSchwager said...

Dude, if ya wanna check out the master of that collage thang, look at Jared's poster stuff. He's SICK.


Jake said...

Great stuff Von. You know I'm into re-using stuff and playing with collage... I like the term: "compost modernism" ... Fun stuff.