Nov 13, 2006

NYC - Urban Burn

This past week was my first time to visit New York City. Man alive is that one huge place. I was overwhelmed by how massive it is and how many people dwell within it's limits. All the cliches I've heard over the years are true. At one point it was sensory overload and much like Disney World I didn't come close to seeing and doing everything a visitor could. I am sure I'll be back again soon and I plan on visiting more key spots.

I did manage to find my way into the 'Late Show' with David Letterman so that was a whole lot of fun.

My visit inspired a doodle and that combined with a photo I took led to the following low-tech animation which I am calling 'Urban Burn'. I hope you enjoy the art.

'Urban Burn' Inspired by Time Square 10pm.


Dave said...

Dude! What is that under his mouth (a little to the right)? Oh, wait, you really were in New York City then...

erika said...

HAHAHA. dave's comment made me laugh out loud. love your art..and i don't want to know what's under there.


Vonster said...

That would be a zany 'Cleft Chin' Dave!

Now go take a cold shower. LOL