Nov 13, 2006

The Folder of Lost Ideas

'Wacky Logo Concepts.

Before I show a client anything the work first has to move me. If I am not invested in it and don't really care for it then I shouldn't present it to a client. So I make it a habit of working until I reach a point where I feel confident abou the work I will be presenting. That way when a client doesn't like something I am OK with it. This project was like that.

A branding company by the name of 'Brand X Creative' asked me to assist in creating logo concepts for a new project QuickSilver (The surf and clothing company) was starting up called 'Kommunity Project'. I read through a brief and it contained all the standard marketing speak for what they wanted to accomplish etc.

One thing was clear they wanted something different then what has been done and that is what I tried to focus in on.

Some of the creative direction given me:

- Low Brow
- Wack Tech (Not really sure what this is? They didn't either.)
- Illustrative
- Iconic
- Conceptual
- 1 or 2 Colors
- None Corporate
- Don't use the letter 'K'

Well here is what I did. None of which were picked in whole. They did like my type treatment on the fourth one down and ended up integrating that into the final mark they used. Kind of a squirrelly creative project for me on this one but I personally really liked number 1,3 and 4 myself.

These marks will end up in my 'Folder of Lost Ideas'.


RobSchwager said...

"wack tech"

Man, that just sounds all KINDS of wrong.....

Joan said...

Neat logos. You are very proficient with the vector techniques.
Number 4 is a great design. I can even see it applied in some different projects. As a clothes tag, for example.

mrs. b. said...

i really love number three, looks like many minds working working together, it's nice! i've often thought about starting a 'rejective collective' blog for design rejected by dullards! ah apparel, they're all nutty!

Maria G. said...

I really like #1 and #4, they are both quite iconic and quirky in a cool way.

[Rolling eyes, kicking the floor] Gee, Von's rejects are like a hundred times better than my best logos...

Mattias said...

Love the octopus, and the habsburg(?) double headed eagle(!)

Anonymous said...

#4 is nice, but it's very similar to the logo for