Oct 24, 2006

Test Your Creativity!

Only '8' Shapes.

Recently I was asked to participate in a very interesting book project called 'Vormator'. In a nutshell they have assigned the same '8' basic shapes to broad range of artists along with a pre-set list of design rules of engagement we have to follow. In essence it's a test of our creativity. Can we create a strong design when we no longer control the content? Can we take profoundly simple shapes and create something simply profound? It's a challenging quest many artists are now pursuing for this unique book project.

'Snap Dragon' Click art to view larger image.

Rules of Design Engagement - From the Author
What exactly are you allowed to do and isn’t allowed with the Elements? The following rules have to be followed when creating your artwork:

1. You’re allowed to rotate, flip and duplicate the Elements
2. You are not obliged to use all the Elements
3. Scaling is allowed, but only proportionally, so no skewing or free transform
4. You can add, subtract, intersect and group elements as you see fit
5. The use of colour is unrestricted, you can create your own colour schemes
6. You are allowed to use gradients
7. The Elements may only be filled, the use of strokes is not allowed
8. You are not allowed to use filters or effects (e.g. drop shadows)

Anyone can submit but not everyone will get in the book. Mine may not get picked either. It just depends on how creative it ends up actually being in a group of very talented submitters. I like doing these type of projects though, it's a good creative exercise and I am planning on having my illustration students do something similar for a class assignment.

If you'd like to read more about this book project and see who is participating visit their web site at 'www.Vormator.com'.


Joan said...

A very interesting project. Certainly your illustration shows one of the best qualities of vector drawing, that of being able to combine a limited number of elements to create even complex-looking images. Your mask is an excellent example of this.
I want to congratulate you both for this blog and your illustrationclass project. They are first rate resources for anyone interested in illustration, particularly with vectorial techniques.
I have posted a short comment and link to the Vormator project in my own blog, called Acuarela.

Anonymous said...

�Felicitaciones por este bonito trabajo y proyecto!
Me gusta mucho tu creatividad.
Sigue adelante con tu arte.
Anabelle (From Guatemala)