Sep 12, 2006


When '' sends out it's weekly word to illustrate from I sometimes spin-off of it rather then take it literal. Such is the case with this weeks word of 'Farm'.

I didn't actually intend to do a piece for this week. I started doodling this while on the phone today during a conference call. It started with the mustache and then grew out from there. The figure looked like a semi-well dressed vagrant, hobo, down-and-out, derelict, vagabond (Choose the label of choice) so I played off of that for the concept.

I also like doodling with my 'Red' PaperMate flair pens as you can see.


Roberlan Borges said...

What´s exactly is doodle art?
There any website/blog/wiki to find out / learn more about it?

Vonster said...


In the search field type 'Doodle'

You'll find a few tutorials that go over 'Doodle Art'.

Beth said...

Love it, love it, love it. The single-color, sketchy lines remind me of a neato linoprint or maybe even a silkscreen on textured paper. It is nifty.