Sep 8, 2006

Childhood Health - Illustrative Logo

I don't do a large volume of work locally. The market here is pretty much dead but a few years back when we took our daughter into see her doctor I told them that if they ever wanted to re-design their identity I'd love to help them. Well they are now building a new facility and it's going to be one of the first 'Green' buildings in Salem, Oregon.

They wanted a fun, playful logo that kids would enjoy. I purposely wanted to avoid the normal medical cliches you see all the time regarding health related marks. Instead I focused on the purpose behind their services and that is to make kids healthy, happy and active.

When I pitched my concepts to the doctors at the clinic I showed them '5' concepts. The one on top is the final mark they went with. The concept on the bottom was another one I really liked too. They liked the dog and asked if that could be used in the top mark. Normally I avoid letting clients pick and choose content but in this cae the I had another dog in the top one so it wasn't an issue.

The signage on the building will look really nice as well as the identity pieces I am working on now.

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Roberlan said...

Very nice logos, i liked the first one too