Jul 3, 2006

Navajo Nation - Kaibeto, Arizona

Wow! That is all I can say after spending 11 days in Kaibeto, Arizona. It was my first time to help out with a vacation bible school our Church has done for the past five years on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Over the next few days I'll post several photos I took while there. The kids were great but there was also many local characters I enjoyed as well.

This Navajo gentleman visited every day and would hang out with us. Due to a car accident he is deft and is mute. Talking to him is like playing charades. He's a really friendly guy and apparently doesn't see any problem with the politically incorrect 'Indians' logo which some seem to think is insensitive. Francis loves the Indians logo and wears the cap all the time. I met another Navajo who is a diehard Chiefs fan and loves that logo too.

White Mesa
The Navajo nation is a beautiful place. Filled with mesa's all around and cool smaller scale grand canyon type of landmarks. This view was from one of our VBS locations.

Happy Dude
One of the Navajo kids attending VBS. I think his name was Rueben.

Piggy Back
One our High School students 'Jacob' carrying around a little Navajo girl during games.


spigumus said...

Your trip must have been quite inspirational. Will we be seeing any Navajo inspired designs and illustrations? Haha. =)

Holly said...

It does look beautiful. Great photos. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics, Kaibeto is indeed a wonderful place to visit. I visited that place twice now and from my own experience it liked it there. The navajo tribe is a fascinating tribe to read up on and someday i would like to return there to visit again.

Trudy said...


I am from kaibeto, those are really nice pictures. Its nice to see that people enjoy visiting my home town. Also Francis W. is my grandfather :).

Vonster said...


Thanks for posting. What a small world. Francis is awesome. This year a few friend who went to Kaibeto got to meet your grandfather too.

Say hi to Francis from all of us at Salem Heights Church.

Anonymous said...

i went here in 2008,

i met those children!

this made my dayy!

Anonymous said...

im very thankful to see we are known by other people and they enjoy our traditions and wed love it...