Jun 2, 2006

Super Doodle

As you've probably noticed by now my blog header and footer contains an illustration I created. I've never posted it on this blog but it's one of my all time favorites.

I call this style my doodle style. Most of the heavy lifting creatively speaking is done outside the box (computer) I use a black flair pen and just start drawing. When done I scan it into Photoshop and start painting in colors and textures.

Don't ask me what it means because I don't have a clue. That said, you'll notice desert landscapes, serpents, flames, winged creatures, hands and nebulous shapes are common themes that appear often in this style.

This specific piece I labeled 'Super Doodle'. That is because the original was about 12 inches long. It was a personal piece I did for myself. Up until the time I did this I had never used this style commercially. It's been one of those styles I've kept to myself. But recently I've decided to leverage this style and use it in a current project I am working on. I'll post more on that later.


Piotr said...

How do you change the Header? Where do you insert the code ?

Vonster said...

Under 'Template' you'll see the blog code. Just copy/paste that out to a text editor (I use BBEdit) and then look for the specific code dealing with the header etc.

It'll look like this: #blog-header div {

All you do is point it to your own customized graphic. The Blogger templates aren't really fully skinable so you're kind of limited. (See my footer) I can't have the full image down there because it wasn't designed for it. But you can customize enough to make it look how you'd like.

DLAK said...

it reminds me of a stroke I had once. turn the word verification off for gods sake!!!

manukat said...

luv the style, like the cat king!