Jun 8, 2006

Portrait - Jacob Renfold

Back in like 1995 me and my wife noticed our phone blinking meaning there was a message left. I went over to the phone and hit the button to listen and the following message played.

"Hello this is Jacob Renfold. I called to get my ears cleaned. I think there full of wax. I can call back again later. Thank you."

At first I thought it was my goofy friend Matt who loves to do stuff like this just to mess with my head. But then the more I listened to it I realized some elderly guy had dialed the wrong phone number. I saved the message and then played it for my wife a few minutes later. We both laughed.

We kept that message saved for about five years until we had to switch our phone service. We'd play it for friends who came by to visit. How odd that a complete stranger would be such a source of entertainment for us without him ever knowing about it. It made us both wonder over the years who Jacob Renfold is and if he ever got his ears cleaned?


Jayster said...

Brilliant character both visually and as described.. There's a tiki'ishness about this one I love. I also love the really bold lines, with no shading.

Chrissie A said...

LOL...now that's gonna have me chuckling all day. :)

Terrific illustration, by the way! I love the bold lines and the textured background. Beautiful work, as always.

michael dailey said...

i like this nice forms and shapes interplaying to make up the face. creative background too.

anne said...

That's great!...I really wish I was cut out to do stuff like this. =)

albina said...

It is an amusing story, and a great illustration. Something in it of the totem carvings… great character.

Alina Chau said...

THis is very coool!! You always have fun character design!! :)

lil kim said...

very funny story and great illo - love the cracking lips and little hairs on the head.

Anonymous said...

Young man,
I have just recently visited my otolaryngologist to have my ears cleaned out after more then five years of waiting to hear back from you. I've been waiting a very long time to hear back from you Dr. Glitschka but had I realized you would be drawing funny pictures of me when I called my wife Mildred and I would have just called Doc Johnson here in Silverton.

Mr. Jacob Renfold
Silverton, OR

PS. My grandson Stewart who found this internet page wants to know where he can purchase the characatcher of me.

Vonster said...