Jun 10, 2006

The Bat is Back!

I am constantly amazed at the variety of people who view my web site and take the time to email me with a response. It's a whole lot of fun hearing back from people in regards to my work. One style that has caught the attention of a lot of tattoo lovers nationwide is the tribal face tattoo art I do. Recently an ad agency guy in Florida contacted me about designing a personal tattoo he could have on his back.

He wanted a bat tattoo in the tribal style. So below is the art I created. I mocked up the tattoo on the back just so you could see how it would look in context. It's kind of strange knowing that someone will be walking around with my art on their body and then eventually be buried with it someday.

Now if I can only get someone to let me do a monkey on their back, now that would be fun!

(Black and White Art)

(Tattoo on Back)

FYI: For information about my stock tribal designs or to have me create a custom tribal design for you visit VonsterTattoos.com.


Shelley P said...

Very cool Von! The monkey comment made me LOL!

E Colquhoun said...

A monkey tatoo on a hariy back would be awesome!

"E"rik James Olsen said...

Sweet tat dude, beautiful line work!

Andrea said...


CharlieWinslow said...

Nice artwork! I've seen many people with this particular tribal bat tattooed on them, and I've thought about getting it done as well, but I've always wondered where it came from! So you really are the artist behind this cool tattoo design? What do you think about so many people getting your piece of art on them?

Vonster said...


Yes that is my original artwork. If you go to "Tattoos" under the right hand side category pull down menu you can see more.

I prefer doing custom work though, new original design. You can see a few samples of those here:

If you'd like a custom design just shoot me an email and we can discuss. I'm reasonably priced.

CharlieWinslow said...

Thanks for answering so quickly! I'm amazed! Your the king of Tribal Tattoos! I gotta say I really love the bat, I drew a version of it with its wings a little more upwards and it looks good, but I'm going to send you a picture of it to get your approval first, or maybe, if you don't mind doing bats again, I'd love to get a different tribal bat drawn by you! xXxXx

BernariuszA said...

I like your tribal bat design so much that I got it tattooed onto my back by a tattooist here in South Africa. I was born in The Year of the Monkey and have been searching for an interesting tribal monkey design. I'm thinking of putting at the top of my arm. I've Googled around but cant find anything interesting. Any chance I could see what you'd design for a tribal monkey design?

Vonster said...


Email me at info(at)vonster.com and I may be able to do a custom tattoo for the monkey.

Email me a picture of the tribal bat I'd love to see it.



jabanico said...

Hi. I love this bat tattoo design. May I use this symbol on my fictional character?

Vonster said...


If it's just a personal thing and not for resale or commercial use yeah that's fine. A tattoo falls outside that usage though and I charge a flat one time rate of $40 for tattoo usage.


April said...

Hi, i have seen this desingn around the web LOTS of times, i keep thinking about getting it done as a tattoo as i really do love the design. Until know i didnt know who had desinged it, can i use it or do i have to pay you?

Vonster said...


Just visit http://www.vonstertattoos.com and it'll explain how it works. It's inexpensive and you can pick this design to use if you'd like.



john lair said...

love the bat im thinkin of gettin it on my arm inside under the pit .I was wondering if you had any ideas for a bacardi lookin bat for the back of my neck with a circle around it.John Lair (ohio)

Vonster said...

I could create a bat tattoo like that for you. A custom tattoo like that would run around $200. I'd provide you with the final art in PDF format.