May 29, 2006

Scorpio Illo.

This is the latest incarnation for a series of '7' mascot characters I am doing for 'Tactix Creative' in Arizona. This specific mascot is the 'SanTan Scorpions'. Scorpions are one of those creatures I look at and immediately think "God has the best portfolio."

A scorpion is a member of the Arachnid family, but it's body shape resembles a Lobster more then a spider and it has claws and a wicked looking stinger. The whole design of a scorpion is cool. Very scary and intimidating looking and that is the feeling I wanted to capture in my mascot art.

Mascot for 'SanTan Scorpions' - Middle School

Larger Preview - Alternate coloring


Mig Reyes said...

It's a shame that the colors you had to work with were mandatory. I REALLY like the orange, he's just that much more intimidating. =)


Holly said...

I can't decide what colour I like best. They both have a different feel for sure. Either way it is excellent work.

Anonymous said...

I think you have one too many pair of legs.

Virendra said...

Classic work dude! I m scorpion n felt happy to see such work!

Edward Davies said...

Is it ok if I use this as a logo for my YouTube channel I don't have any videos yet but this looks like a great logo.


Vonster said...

Edward, yes that is OK.

Adrian Pascale said...

is it ok if i use it for my youtube ?