Apr 19, 2006


My Illustration Friday illo.

(Be sure to click on the image to see the full view.)


Anonymous said...

pretty cool. nice shapes and clean design.


Ellen said...

Lovely illustration! The unique approach and the vibrant colours really makes it stand out amongst a sea of endless I-Fri entries!

shoop said...

i like the color scheme, plus the fact that his guy has super powers is prett sweet

Bron Smith said...

I really like your hard edge style. Very nice illustration. I work out of Puyallup, near Tacoma. I recently did a cartoon map of your area, Marion County.You can find it at various stores in the area, or at my site: www.bronsmith.com. Click on Fun Maps.

Daniel said...

Nice job, as always, Mr. Vonsterguy. Goodly colors, too! Thanks for sharing.