Mar 16, 2006

Windows Gaming Branding Concepts

Last week I worked as a hired gun with my buddy Jeff Pollard out of Portland. He hired me to team up with him and assist with concepts for a branding that would be used with the new Windows Vista. Being the geniuses that Microsoft marketing is they picked a very unique name for the gaming aspect of the OS, they decided to call it 'Windows Gaming'. How original.

Well I at least tried to create a unique mark. one of the key attributes they wanted in the mark was the ability to animate it. These are the '8' I contributed. Basically it's me and Jeff against the design behemoth 'Hornell Anderson'. We'll see how it turns out.

Personally I did the dude with the thumb and branded window fingers.


Piotr said...

Wow, all very unique and contempary. I like the Orange Smiley, but if i had to choose between the Windows color scheme, I would say the Top left logo.

mrBallistic said...

watch out for the second to bottom one on the right. that's dangerously close to the agilent logo, and i'm sure that they/landor wouldn't be amused :)